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A media site that seeks to cover events in a different and impartial manner.  http://shoootv.com includes a group of editors who cover all Saudi, Gulf, Arab, political, economic, entertainment, jobs and other news events in a moment.
shoootv.com was launched in 2001 to disseminate news of interest to the Arab citizen, as well as to support Arab talents from young writers in an effort to enrich Arab cultural thought.
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shoootv.com is an integrated news site that deals with all topics and events worldwide and provides reliable news sources. We also try to provide smart solutions to facilitate the use of the Internet world, to follow the news moment by moment and to display many services and topics that may facilitate what you see difficult.
What distinguishes us from all is the credibility and neutrality that is not affiliated with anyone or biased to anyone.
shoootv.com has a number of editors and journalists who are distinguished and equipped to formulate important, urgent and regular news. It also includes a group of correspondents in the Arab world.
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site manager:
Mohamed Ahmed
Abdul Aziz al-Saheli
– Mohammed Issa
Mohamed Mahran
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