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Privacy Policy

This page, our Privacy Policy page, collects information about your use of the site, including your personal information, such as your name and e-mail address.
Servers and support companies of shoootv.com also receive general information about your IP address, cookies and other information provided by Internet computers for sites and servers.
shoootv.com uses this information to provide you with better information services, to provide databases that help the site to know the trends and uses of the web, to provide more professional information services, and by using or registering for shoootv.com, you acknowledge your consent to such special uses of your data.
Privacy policy “shoootv.com”
Of course, shoootv.com does not use your data as a commodity for sale, or profit by selling databases or e-mail. Therefore, your data will enjoy high privacy under the shoootv.com policy to achieve true quality of service.
The Privacy Policy on the shoootv.com website is linked to the Terms of Use, so that the Site will withdraw the Privacy Policy for people who do not comply with the Agreement and do not provide real and sufficient information about them or who exploit the Site for purposes other than the purposes for which they were created, Services.
Make sure that the data is available only to a limited number of employees of shoootv.com website for the need to provide services and provide support and customer services to you, as well as to provide the best capabilities to serve you and serve the site’s advertising and advertising purposes, and in this way we guarantee the guarantees to protect your personal information and privacy from Violation or seizure.
The site may change from time to time privacy policy to ensure your protection and protection of the site, without prior notice, but if there is a fundamental change in the privacy policy on the site “shoootv.com” site thinkers may be prejudicial to you, You are notified immediately.